Wellness App due April 11, 2019




The Brief

You will be proposing a new mobile app designed to support wellness. Based on user research, you’ll identify an opportunity for an app to improve people’s day-to-day lives. Get inspiration by choosing one area of wellness as listed HERE.


Presentation (6 minutes)

Your presentation should answer the following questions:

  1. What did your research show you?
  2. What variations on your design did you explore?
  3. How were your design decisions connected to your research findings?
  4. How would a user operate your final design?
  5. How did your design change based on testing with users?
  6. What would you do differently next time?


For this project, use Sketch and Invision to make a low-fidelity version of your prototype.

Tip: If you haven’t set it up already, use the Craft plugin for Sketch to make it easier to sync your Sketch artboards to Invision.

Suggested Roadmap






For this project, you’ll be delivering a presentation as well as submitting a written report on Medium. The report is an opportunity for you to document your process, findings, takeaways, and iterations. It’s good practice to document as much as you can while you work, so we’re starting that practice early. This will make your life much easier later when you start compiling a portfolio of your work.

The report will also serve as the focal point for a 1-on-1 feedback session with one of the TAs.

We’ll have time dedicated after the presentations of this project to write up the report. For more information, check out the lesson on Design Reports.

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