Final Project due May 31, 2019

Ironhack’s Final Project

You will have two weeks to build a digital product - either an App or a responsive website - based on your own vision, research, findings and the UX/UI process you’ve learned throughout the program.

The most important goal of this project is to enjoy making it and presenting it so chose a subject you are interested in/passionate about!

Also, think about your portfolio and the Hiring Fair coming real soon! Your final project is the one that will most effectively communicate your design personality and specialty. You will be showing it to your future employer, so make sure it fits with your placement and sector interests.

Your project

You need to identify a problem that perhaps you or someone you know are facing everyday. Choose something you would love to work on, because you already know the topic or because you are genuinely curious about it.

We really recommend you to work alone on your project. This final project is a really good exercise to review all your bootcamp notions and to practice alone. Moreover, it will be easier to go with your idea :)


Week 8

Week 8 suggested roadmap.

Week 9

Week 9 suggested roadmap.


You will have 2 deliverables:

Internal Hackshow

The Internal Hackshow is a unique opportunity to show your best self to a group of professionals from the industry (they can be UX Researchers, Information Architects, Visual designers, Developers or Product Owners, among others!)

The jury will listen to you carefully and ask some questions about your product at the end. After everyone has presented, the jury will vote and select 3/4 people that will be speakers during the Hackshow. The class will also chose 1 extra presenter by popular vote.

How will we evaluate the projects?

Although the internal hackshow results are evident enough, we will still evaluate you according to this criteria:

How does it work?

The Hackshow will be a public event where you will be able to show your work or take a look at your peers’ projects and even Web projects! Keep in mind this is a huge opportunity to practice your public speaking, network with people from the industry and celebrate your achievements!!! Do not hesitate to invite your friends & family.

Everyone in the audience will be able to vote for their favorite project and the winner will receive a special prize!!!


You can find the final project brief on the Ironhack Platform